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Higher Level of Care

We thoughtfully plan and execute projects as if we are owners. We challenge costs and don’t recommend options until all alternates have been explored.

We are very diligent with budget and schedule development in the pre-construction stage. We get very granular and involve key trade contractors in project planning.

Proactive Approach

Our core approach is to get involved early in projects and put much more energy in the pre-construction planning phase than the execution phase.

We continue the proactive approach with virtual builds. Each large work package is planned in detail up to one year ahead of time to flag issues early, fully coordinate work and ensure a very efficient execution phase.

Full Transparency

We have no hidden fees in division 1 costs. We pass through all staff and labour costs to the project at cost.

We do not shield conversations with trade contractors from our clients. This is your project, and you always deserve access to all communications.

More Accountability

Our fee is structured to include milestones, incentives and performance metrics. We want to further highlight our commitment to delivering on our promises.

We are able to provide post-construction services as-required. Our project service does not end at final occupancy. It ends when our clients are satisfied.

Developer Lens

We have partners within our team with a billion dollars of development deals that can provide added value and guide clients in executing their project to completion. This experience also gives us a better understanding of our clients, as we can see projects from the full lens of an Owner.

Our knowledge of the full development project life cycle allows us to create a stronger bridge between your development team and our construction team. We ensure project documents capture all development deliverables and take on certain development tasks that are most impactful to construction.

new age

Elevate is constantly exploring new technologies to innovate the construction process. We are actively utilizing BIM modelling to catch issues early and set projects up for success.

We are active members within the sustainability community and push for responsible construction. We continually pursue new knowledge and experience with sustainable building materials, low carbon building systems and more efficient construction techniques.

our 3 C's of culture


Is there a better way? Question the first answer and continually look for the best solution.


Thoughtful and diligent. Take pride in your work. We are excited to bring your project vision to life.


We are the sum of our parts. We tap into the combined knowledge bank of all team members and explore multiple perspectives

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Guiding principles


We are not merely completing a transaction or executing a construction contract. We are helping clients bring their long-term visions to reality. We are playing an important role in building communities, adding quality supply to the market, and providing homes for people to create their personal life stories. Being aware of this responsibility, we execute projects thoughtfully and take pride in our work.


We want our brand to be associated with a quick and very efficient construction phase. Our proactive approach with much more effort during pre-construction sets up projects for success in the construction phase. We continually look for new methods, processes, and technologies to execute projects more efficiently.


We want to build long-term relationships with clients on a foundation of trust. We execute projects while providing clients with full visibility into their projects and a feeling of more control. We communicate with full transparency and provide real-time information with no sugar-coating. We want to feel like an in-house CM and a trusted member of the team.

our Team

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Lukas Wywrot

Managing Partner

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Project Manager

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