Michal Wywrot

Michal is a serial entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for real estate and real estate investing, co-founding Lifestyle Real Estate Investments, Lifestyle Custom Homes and LCH Developments. Michal holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Toronto majoring in Finance and started investing in real estate at the age of 18. Now with over 14 years of real estate investing and development experience, he continues to lead ongoing projects and developments for LCH Developments.

 As CFO of Elevate CM,  Michal has a multi-disciplinary skillset taking the lead on corporate finance, accounting, marketing, legal, and sales for the company.  Michal also places high importance on team. He is very involved in talent acquisition, setting the culture, and works closely with each employee to equip them with the skills they need to grow and excel in their careers. A forward thinker, Michal believes in staying ahead of the curve. By marrying technological innovation with his passions for architecture, design, and finance, he sets out to create exceptional systems and processes that set Elevate CM apart from its competitors.

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